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NFC Business cards for the ultimate experience

Starting at 74.99$

The Tabclix NFC business cards are printed and shipped with the next business day. Personalize it with your name,title and company information and submit your order. You will be able to activate the card upon receipt with the links of your choice


Special offer. Lifetime deal!


With the purchase of ANY NFC card package , get a free lifetime professional Tabclix plan. 



A wide array of powerful tools designed to convert

Clix to Call Tab

A fully customizable call  module with an integrated search engine  where you can add departments, locations and individual extensions or numbers based on the types of calls you want to receive. Your visitors will be able to call the right department or team team member with a simple click.  A virtual receptionist at your visitors fingertips.   Sales reps and branch directors love it as they are automatically in touch with their customers.
  • Full Phone directory
  • Unlimited numbers
  • Team member Search function for larger teams

Clix to Chat Tab

Just like magic! This module consolidates all your social media links into one module. Fully integrated with the most popular Social media chat platforms such as messenger, twitter and Instagram DMs, Online chat platforms like WeChat, Zendesk,  and mobile messaging apps such as whatsapp and traditional text messaging.

Clix to Pay Tab

Get paid with a simple click. Tabclix replaces traditional POS terminals for small businesses, customers can pay with their own device in a few clicks. Integrated with Stripe, Google pay and Apple pay.

Clix to directions tab

Customers can get directions to your location with a simple click that will activate their preferred map application
( Google Maps, Waze, Apple maps etc.) . The module supports multiple locations and will list them based on distance, providing the ultimate experience to both users and companies with multiple addresses.

Mobile web interaction

Tabclix is an innovative platform with features and functionalities built to convert. It enhances the user experience of your mobile web visitors .  Think of it as an app within the mobile version of your website.  It can be added on any website within seconds regardless of environment or CMS ; WordPress, Magento, Shopify, custom, you name it!  Once the snippet is integrated, it will appear at the bottom of the screen for the  mobile visitors of your website, which as we know represent most of today’s web traffic.

Ultimately, the platform provides your visitors with a wide range of ways to interact with your different departments, pay their bills, raise funds, unlock bikes, and any other Progressive web app functionalities (PWA).

A comprehensive management and reports platform

You do not have time to answer all your customer requests on the various platforms? Would you rather turn to the expertise of a company to handle that component?


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List a selection of email addresses for the various departments, services or individuals that your Internet visitors can easily and directly contact for more information.

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What Tabclix users are saying

Tabclix users love it, and they make sure we know they do.  We constantly get messages from happy customers and here are some of them

” Just wow,! My clients are impressed . Not only it is an ice breaker but extremely practical. The payment module is a game changer for our business , Clients love the fact that they can pay us by credit card, Apple Pay and Google Wallet “

John Fererra

” Tabclix is integrated on our website and converts more leads than any landing page or campaign we have ever done.  Our mobile traffic conversion has incread by over 1000%, yes, one thousand, this is not a typo! “

Stacey Jennings

” I recieved by Tabclix card as a gift and have since put an order for all our sales team.   Our retail stores accross Canada have tabclix terminals and cards.  The amount of callbacks after visits has reached levels we did not think were possible.   “

Jacques Lamoureux

” We went from tens of thousands of business cards to  40 Tabclix cards.  The fact that we can change our contact info without changing a card has made this one of our best environmental dsscisions.  We use generic cards, so even with high salesteam turnover, we keep the same cards for our sales team.  It also ensures that our clients can stillr reach the right salesperson  “

Normand Tagliani

” We use tabclix for our micro fundraising campaign.  the bar is on our website 24/7 which means we get donations without even running special campaigns.  We get donations on a daily basis via Apple and Google Pay from our existing web traffic “

Hélène Brisebois

” We went from a 3% conversion rate from landing pages to over 25%, in the most unexpected way. Most of our leads are from direct messages in Whatsapp, the clients reach us directly, without needing to fill a lengthy form “

Jonathan Amber

” This is Linktree on Steroids, directly on our website.   Our clients can quickly get access to all our social platforms directly from our website. the tabclix bar can easily be integrated on any website by inserting a simple script “

Nabil Mansouri

” The cards is nice, but the true power of tabclix is the bar and the capabiity on integrating it on any website.  It really is the ultimate conversion tool of any website.   I just put an order for 30 cards to get as a gift to all my clients “

Katia Dimaria

Questions? Reach out!

Questions, Reach out!